Sid's Story

Picture of Sid

Life is good now. Sid is comfortable, but it wasn’t always that way.

Sid had his own business. When something new came out on the market that he could use in his business he purchased it on credit. Sid said, "I figured it was a business expense, so it was okay to purchase it." The debt started to pile up. Then came his divorce.

Sid said, "after my last divorce I was depressed, and I ended up maxing out my credit cards. I thought I would end up filing for bankruptcy. But I didn’t feel good about it. I started talking to my friends and they told me how credit counseling can help."

Sid thought about it for a while. Sid said, "I’d heard stories about how people called those large national 800 numbers for help and they got ripped off. My friend, Kristen, said CCCS of the Black Hills is local and completely above board. They will really help you. I thought about it for a while and then I decided to act."

Sid came to CCCS of the Black Hills when he was 63 years old. He went through the counseling assessment and signed onto the Debt Management program. In just 44 months, Sid paid his accounts in full.

Sid said, "at first it was tight living on the budget and making a payment. But then it got easier. The time went by quickly and before I knew I paid all my accounts in full and my credit is in great shape. Being on the program forced me to reprioritize the things in my life."

"I didn’t have a very good track record of sticking to things so I’m proud that I stuck through it to the end. I have changed jobs, only have a car loan, and think before I buy something. I live comfortably within my means," said Sid.

When asked what he would want others to know Sid said, "CCCS of the Black Hills is very reputable. They will really help you. Do not call the national 800 numbers that will not help you. They will rip you off and make your credit worse. There is a difference in credit counseling agencies. Make sure you use a reputable agency."

Sid also said, "I think there is too cavalier of an attitude toward bankruptcy. When someone files for bankruptcy the losses the companies experience are all passed on to us in higher prices. I feel really good that I did not file for bankruptcy."