Carolyn's Story

Picture of Carolyn

Carolyn is a successful business woman, married, and just built her dream home. But life has not always been that way.

Carolyn was younger she married a man who did not have great credit. They started building a life together. When they wanted to buy something, the debt went in Carolyn’s name as she was the one with good credit.

But life doesn’t always turn out the way we think it will. Carolyn found herself divorced, with small children and most all of the debt. She was frustrated, angry, but mostly scared. "I had young kids, how would I take care of them and repay the debt?" wondered Carolyn. "I thought my only way out was bankruptcy. I was working shift work and taking care of two children. I’m sure all my financial stress was also affecting my work, " said Carolyn.

Carolyn came to CCCS of the Black Hills. She was expecting to be told her only option was to file for bankruptcy. Instead they showed her another option. CCCS of the Black Hills helped Carolyn develop a livable budget where she could provide a safe home, take care of her children, and repay her debt. Carolyn said, "they showed me how I could do this. I enrolled in the repayment program and completed CCCS of the Black Hills’ education program. I was able to stick with the program. I paid my debt. I improved my credit. I have applied the principles I learned. I taught my children these principles. I now have confidence in my ability to manage my finances."

Carolyn said what she learned by working with CCCS of the Black Hills years ago she has continued to apply to her life. She has married again. Carolyn said, "we now discuss our financial future. We continue to use the principles I learned from working with CCCS of the Black Hills. We have no credit card debt. We built our dream home at our dream location. We are putting money in our retirement accounts. It is a good feeling to know that the bills are paid, and we can work through any emergency. Finances are a big part of what we talk about and how we can accomplish our goals."

Carolyn’s advice to anyone experiencing financial stress is, "talk to CCCS of the Black Hills and see what options you have. Even when things seem out of control, you can take control."

Carolyn’s story is not unusual. Don’t let a temporary setback affect your whole life. Sometimes in life we find ourselves in a situation where all we need is just a hand up. CCCS of the Black Hills is here to help.